ShopE arose from a challenge …

After countless times of forgetting reusable shopping bags at the supermarket we decided to set ourselves the challenge of coming up with a reasonably sized shopping bag that conveniently fits on your person ie keychain or your pocket.

Our design philosophy for ShopE focused on three critical areas:

Compact: small enough to be the most convenient shopping bag to have on you at all times whilst also still being easy to stuff away.

Eco: making ShopE from recycled materials and recyclable at end of life.

Design: making ShopE functional and visually appealing with unique materials and prints.

Being unsatisfied with the current market offering and using our skills in industrial and graphic design we believe we have come up with a sleek practical solution compared with other bulky and unfashionable shopping bags.

After countless samples and focus groups we have designed our range of conveniently compact yet durable shopping bags made from ultra thin, super strong, virgin recycled double ripstop silicone polyester and designed it to easily stuff into a small and durable pouch which attaches to your keying, a bag or in a pocket. This is complemented by a range of original designs created in house with appeal for discerning men and women.

We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint through careful selection of recycled materials but also via providing a share of proceeds to our environmental partners to support conservation, advocacy & education.